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The Association

Our nonprofit association, "Selbstbestimmte Geburt e.V.," is non-denominational and politically independent.

The purpose of the association is comprehensive preparation for childbirth and life with child(ren), supporting women and families during pregnancy and after childbirth, as well as promoting non-clinical maternity care services. We can gladly send you the association's statutes.

The association was founded in 1982 under the name "Geburtshaus für eine selbstbestimmte Geburt" by dedicated women advocating for the right to self-determination in childbirth and aiming to create women-friendly alternatives to clinical obstetrics. In 1983, with support from the state of Berlin, our counseling center was established with an innovative concept for pregnant women and parents after childbirth. In 1986, the association founded the first birth house in Germany, which evolved into the present-day Geburtshaus Charlottenburg. Subsequent research projects were undertaken as part of Berlin Women's Studies on birthing positions and care for premature contractions. Since 2002, the association's counseling center has been located in Berlin Prenzlauer Berg. In 2008, we named our counseling center "Familienzelt".



Our staff members are professionally qualified for their respective areas of work. Most of them have additional solid training in therapeutic, educational, or health-related fields, which uniquely equips them for working with families.

We strive for family-friendly conditions in our counseling center, such as being flexible in appointment scheduling to accommodate individual needs. We also aim to align the establishment of additional groups and course offerings with the preferences of participants whenever possible.

The association is registered in the transparency database of the Berlin Senate Department for Finance, demonstrating our commitment to transparency in financial matters.