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Counceling Center

About Us

The association "Selbstbestimmte Geburt e.V." is dedicated to comprehensive preparation for childbirth and life with a child. With its counseling center, "Familienzelt", it has created a point of contact for pregnant women, expectant parents, and parents after the birth of a child.

  • We provide consultation on questions related to pregnancy, childbirth, and life with a baby.
  • We accompany you during crises, in challenging life situations, postpartum depression, after a traumatic birth experience, with a baby with special needs, after a miscarriage or stillbirth.
  • You can talk to us during crises, about all questions, feelings, concerns, fears, and uncertainties related to pregnancy and the life of a mother/parents of a baby. The counseling sessions focus on strengthening and supporting your own abilities.
  • You'll find groups with us for parents with their children, for parents of multiples, for parents of premature babies, for women in crises, and for women after a traumatic birth experience. Additionally, we have a group for bereaved parents. Most groups are professionally led, open to new participants, and facilitate connecting those who share similar experiences.
  • You'll find courses with us that impart knowledge and confidence in handling a baby, promote health, or simply bring joy. For example, baby massage, first aid for infants and toddlers, PEKiP® (Parents and Children: Playing Together), Emmi Pikler's "Spielraum", as well as.