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Courses for children from 1 Year

Courses for children from 1 year old

  • "SpielRaum" according to Emmi Pikler (German - basic german knowledge sufficient)


"SpielRaum" according to Emmi Pikler

The Hungarian pediatrician Emmi Pikler has impressively demonstrated that a child's natural movement development and joy in independent play can unfold undisturbed when it can be active in a carefully prepared environment without being guided or "pushed."

"It is essential that the child discovers as many things as possible on its own. If we assist it in solving all tasks, we deprive it of precisely what is most important for its mental development. A child who achieves something through independent experiments acquires a completely different type of knowledge than one to whom the solution is readily provided." - Emmi Pikler

The course offers children between four months and two years the opportunity to follow their interest in movement, play, contact, and balance in a stimulating environment.

For parents, there is enough space to share in their children's experiences, their joy of life, to find calmness themselves, and to appreciate the remarkable competence with which infants and toddlers follow their developmental paths and find solutions to self-imposed tasks. Questions about children's development, their care, communication with them, as well as with older siblings, grandparents, and other involved adults, can be addressed in the course and in accompanying parent evenings. This allows the needs and desires of children and parents to be brought closer together.

The course instructor, Renée Oswald has been interested in the approach of free movement development by Emmi Pikler and Elfriede Hengstenberg for many years.

Cost for 10 sessions of 90 minutes each: 110.00 Euros