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Our Team

We operate within an interdisciplinary team specialized in the life phase of "becoming and being parents." Five employees, primarily engaged in counseling and group work, are employed by the association: Two psychologists with additional therapeutic qualifications, a certified pedagogue with a Master's in Public Health, a naturopath/grief counselor, and a couple and sexual counselor with a degree in Social Work.

Other groups and courses are led by freelance staff, including specialists in PEKiP courses and "SpielRaum" courses following the Emmi Pikler approach.

Our expertise is not only theoretical; almost all team members are parents, either by birth or through adoption.



We approach our visitors with respect and are open to their origin, gender, sexual orientation, denomination, experiences, opinions, and perspectives. We recognize the inherent competence of those seeking advice and empower them in their decision-making and ability to take action.

We view pregnancy, childbirth, and life with a newborn as a bio-psycho-social event of great significance for the parents, the child, and the entire family. It is important to us that parents can shape this phase of life according to their needs, desires, and the needs of their child(ren). Our role is to provide independent information, create opportunities for contact with other (expecting) parents, strengthen the relationship skills of family members, and be a point of contact for problems and crises.