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About PEKiP®

The Prager-Eltern-Kind-Programm (Prague-Parent-Child-Program) is a concept of group work for parents and their child in the first year of life.

It was developed by scientists led by Jaroslav Koch in the 1970s in Prague. Since then it has been the most successful and popular parent-child program in German speaking countries. PEKiP® aims to support parents and babies through both play and movement and by stimulating the senses. The group work can begin when the baby is as early as two month old.

Through these activities, PEKiP® supports the child's development by

  • helping the parent notice and assist the baby in his/her actual situation and development;
  • strengthening and deepening the relationship between the baby and parent;
  • offering the parent a supportive environment to exchange experiences;
  • offering babies contact with children of the same age.

Each 90 minute weekly session is held in a warm room. To maximise freedom of movement and bonding with the parent, babys are free of clothing.

Every group is lead by a trained PEKiP® facilitator and includes up to 8 sets of babys and parents.

Most importantly parents and babys can enjoy a fun and relaxed environment to learn and bond.

Learn more about PEKiP® here www.pekip.de